Sunday, October 21, 2007

still not getting

still not getting a lot of work done; getting a lot of thought about it. so what else is new. i've been reading--no, i've been acquiring a lot of artists' sources and looking at them cursorily. i have three projects in various stages: a painting on total hold for half a year, i think, a soft sculpture, and an online class project in epoxy that i haven't done anything but get supplies for yet. meanwhile, i spend all my time when i'm not at work sleeping, knitting and vegging, an activity which i've found over the years to be the most productive of all. i spend some amount of energy stressing over the chaos of this house, which hasn't been cleaned an can't be cleaned because it is also a studio and it's all a mess and amungle.

something is about to happen. i always know this and here it is again. i need to get back to work on the sculptures--i have gone almost entirely 3d in my interests lately, i don't know what's happened to painting, but it's not happening even in interesting me to look at. meawhile, i knit.

the chief problem i'm mulling over these days is that i like what i see, but i don't. i like that all this smaller art is around and i even like some of it, but i can't shake the sense that somehow it all looks alike. even when it looks different, it all looks alike and that's not what i'm after.

and i can't throw out anything (ANYTHING!) until i figure out what it is that i'm after. so that's the way it is, the way it continues to be.

molly's open studio is today. gee, i wish for a road trip, but cannot. or maybe i don't, maybe i just tease myself.