Tuesday, December 21, 2010


i spent the morning working on a drawing for a painting called warmth, wrestling with the angles, and then decided i needed to go out if only to buy a pencil and get some perspective (no pun intended.)


SO i went down to see jackie and pam, both of whom want things for their shops.  i need to make some small pictures for carolina crafting, and bring my two cashmere shawls to silva gallery.  they both want to show them:) the painting i was working on this morning will not work for jackie as she wants something much smaller/less.

then i went by the folk school to check out the gift shop.  got another pair of the earrings i got, but never got home, last year, only these have a lapis bead on the end, instead of a pearl.  i love lapis.  also got another bell-bottomed blue campbell mug—and my two pencils.  and then i got a little cup to drink wine from, since i so much liked holding the one i used at julie’s last night.  i am an odd woman.  then i couldn’t pick up the wifi at keith house, so i took myself into peachtree and had fish and chips for lunch, and did my internet stuff there.  stopped by yarn cirlce again on the way back and there were steve and karen (i love this place:) visiting with martha.  i’d seen steve briefly last night at the party, but i hadn’t seen karen since i left her house in summer.  steve said people were playing dreidel last night until nearly 11 at least. i saw the party pictures on fb.

it’s truly drizzly / rainy this afternoon, and around 40.  the sun never came out at all, and it’s been dreary, but lovely.  we canceled the caroling that we’d tried to reschedule for tomorrow as there’s just too many things going on to fit it in, and i really want to stay in, anyway.  i know, i can do that, i do do that at home, but that’s what i do.  pam silva was saying she’s the same way about parties. i think it’s artists: we watch.

i want to make pictures of individual things for carolina crafting.  i have some ceramic things i can make portraits of here, and the resin ornament michael and randy gave me, i can do that.  i can make little pictures of things and not put so much into them, so i can afford to sell them for next to nothing.  it’s going to take some relearning.  jackie said business was slooow; pam said it was good.  i wonder if it was the traffic or the type of stuff they sell?  i was the only person around today.  pam prices her things much higher than jackie does.  she also says she needs six more knitters to keep the store full.  she sells scarves for $90 and the like; jackie is in the $25 range.

the inside of my lower lip is raw from cold blisters, or allergy blisters or whatever it is i’ve got.  i still haven’t figured it out. i just realized i have had this cold now just a week: a week ago i was teaching at school2.  amazing.  seems more like a month ago. i stayed in and rested last thursday and friday, i guess it’s about time i do it again, albeit in much nicer surroundings.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010