Sunday, August 26, 2007

studio clearing

i got up this morning at my now-regular hour 5:30 and had a real, high-test soy cappucino. soon i was putting in an hour clearing a path through my old studio, which had become a walk-in storage closet, especially since a year ago i moved my working space into the dining room, loosely termed, where i had installed a skylight about ten years ago and then never had anybody to dine.
so now i have begun. there is a path. i figure if i do an hour on a weekend, i can do that much, right? if you scroll down a few posts to the picture of the hall outside the study, which i excavated a couple of months ago, this is the room behind the painting at the end there.
so then i took a bath and went to church, but it didn't prevent my computer problem, which i dropped off afterwards to the tune of $250. which i now have to go pick up and begin the re-install, wish me luck. i was downloading audacity and it conked. i wanted to see if i can make some pods...

have some coffee?

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