Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Where are they now?

Arnold Mesches is in Gainesville, I find (I have yet to contact him; can't find the tape I want to give him.) Sarah Perry is a visible artist. Jack Goldstein is dead. Emmerson Woelffer is dead. Kent Twitchell is still working in California, or so I believe. Where are Wanda Westcoast (self-documentation) Beverly O'Neill, Graham Weinbren? Stephen Prina is a visible artist. Scott Greiger I saw in 100 Artists See God. Joan Harrison and Alvaro Asturias (A.) are googleable at least at the LA Music Center Education Division. Where is John Mandel, teaching at CalArts? Darryn Willis certainly has a different name and so cannot be found. Germano is well, of course, and out there all over the place. Stephanie Safran? Wendy Widell? Pat Quinn? Larry Bennett is an art director in h'wood, I think, or has been.

Me, I've been gone for more than 20 years. But I'm back now.

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