Sunday, May 08, 2005

i don't know this child

but something about the picture was too good to pass up


Anonymous said...

oddly enough, i now choose to avoid cute little babies such as this one like the mf'ing plague. don't let them fool you, they grow up quite quickly, and begin sucking the life out of you from day one.

on a lighter note, i'm from that shitty little berg just north o tampa called npr. finally, i meet someone demographically significant.


...e... said...

But hardly a representative one. Besides, I think npr actually encompasses Tampa, so we're fellows. I have no danger of being sucked dry since she's a picture, but the way she just peeks up over the taskbar I just couldn't resist. As far as the demographics go it's still very close, thank god, but not for long, I don't expect. As for me, I'm significant because I'm 1) a baby boomer and 2) old, but since I'm neither fundamentalist, moneyed, nor "ethnic" that cancels the hell out of it right there. And since I didn't know one person who voted for any Bush, that should tell you how significant I am--it does me.

goliard said...

truly significant, indeed.

don't mind if i blogroll you for safekeeping eh?

but remember, please...

you don't know me*. although being the biggest city going, it's still a rather small world. and i've never been able to be anything like proud in regards to what i do here (avoid work?)

...e... said...

i'd be proud to be blogrolled.