Tuesday, January 10, 2006

freak control

here's my list which i shall annotate with my current progress, in an attempt to keep my sanity:

1. learn to spin: Gina offered to show me how and we were going up to Uncommon Threads, but she hasn't contacted me. CALL HER.
2. restore house and garden: beginning to take things apart, lay junk out. FINISH CLEANING BEDROOM TOMORROW AND GET OFFICE DEPOT BOXES FOR PACKING UP. FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET THE %$&*^@(*& RUSTED TOILET SEAT BOLTS OFF.
3. knit all planned projects: working on them, almost finished susan's socks, should be tonight.
4. downsize, downsize, downsize--sell possessions, streamline, stop acquiring: made decision on selling land. sent Dot an email for real estate advice. TRY TO FIND THE PORT CHARLOTTE WOMAN.
5. find work teaching art: CALL MR. WASHINGTON TONIGHT (Rob's connection)
6. continue making art: not yet
7. show art for possible sale:not yet
8. aesthetics thesis: J mentioned this, too, but not yet
9. regain health: still eating crap MAKE CREOLE DAUBE
10.stay afloat: so far

I need to keep looking at this periodically, so i won't run screaming into the void. Also, I must call Debbie today. After I get the Daube started. And I need to go Deposit checks at the CU.

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