Thursday, January 12, 2006

so today

I wasn't home. I had to get out, having been in for two days, so I ended up talking to Karen about her ebay store. Plan to set that up this weekend. Still haven't heard anything from Dennis, so it doesn't look like I'll be driving to New Orleans this weekend, which is just as well. Saw Gina at the knit shop, to which I'd taken Debbie in the afternoon. Doing some ebay research and errand running tomorrow.

Every morning i get up wondering what the hell I'm doing. I'm concentrating on three primary things and three secondary things. Primary: teaching art, selling the land and the ebay thing. Secondary: the thesis, the house and garden fixup, and learning to spin. I gotta do something on a primary every day and also work in artmaking too, at some point. Aargh. nothing really seems to be happening, and yet if I do something each day i'm hoping a pattern will form. Tomorrow: the ebay thing and the house again, and the knit shop at 3:30. next week, maybe the land sale and artmaking, I don't know. hopefully I'll hear from unemployment. sigh. saw Dot at the knit shop, she hadn't looked at her email. she doesn't know anybody, but she'l be a resource anyway. an email when i got home from Rob asking about Mr. Washington, who remains not at home. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow....this is the end of week three (where week 1 was a given loss, I already knew.)

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