Wednesday, January 11, 2006

i am jo spanglemonkey!

i will post every thought, like she does, I guess. in my case it will serve to make be believe i am doing something besides running the meter. o, to be jo spanglemonkey! :)


GraceD said...

The fuck! You're doing a Spanglemonkey Thursday? Go, e, go!

Thanks for the "Grace! Grace! Grace!" over at the Best of Blogs. Those other mommybloggers are going to slam me up against the wall, I'm going to lose that badly. Still? It's all very sporting, isn't it?

Okay. I'll check back to see how SM Thursday is going. A post an hour, you know.

...e... said...

no, it was spanglemonkey wednesday--today i wasn't home. i lost my job, see and I need to keep thinking i'm doing something to keep from losing my mind. today I talked with somebody who has an ebay store about, erm, having an ebay store. And I drove a friend with the Big C to the knit shop and back. That was my day, no bolgging today.

But Go Grace!