Saturday, January 29, 2005

or, The Twilight Zone

Google Search: "A final story: the national headquarters"
Now this is not a possible thing. I went back to Google to link to the "God Box" quote. Couldn't find it. Googled the address. Wasn't there. But I had printed out the story yesterday so I typed in the first few words of it as you see above. It is not there. It is gone from Google in 24 hours. Why?

It read thusly (and yes, I realize this sounds much like the penultimate scene from Harvey):
A final story: the national headquarters for the Presbyterian Church, along with the American Baptists, the United Church of Christ and several other denominations used to be located all together in one building, 575 Riverside Drive in New York City. It was affectionately called, 'The God Box.' There's a story about a visitor to the 'God Box' who arived in NYC by train and took a cab to the building. Along the way the cabbie leaned back and asked,'What kind of place is this, anyway?' The visitor explained that it was the headquarters of a number of churches. The cabbie said, 'Well, I've carried a few fares up here and they have always been real nice people. They treat me good. They're polite and respectful. And they tip OK, too. Tell me, how the hell do you people get like that?'

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