Monday, April 18, 2005

Motherboard Issues - Toshiba Notebooks - CNET Forums

Motherboard Issues - Notebooks - CNET Forums: "Well, On December 15th I received my computer back and they did replace the motherboard and the computer SEEMS to be working fine in the respect but the 'Built-In' Microphone (the part I was informed was not going to be in until March 18th so I could not understand why I was getting it back) was still not working. When I called Toshiba ONCE AGAIN I was put on hold and was informed at this point that the specs were misprinted and there WAS no built in mic on this unit. Well I asked WHY they told me that they were waiting on the part (they said they tried the first one and it did not work and THAT was a direct quote from their 'depot team') and the guy said that he had no idea but that if my computer seemed to be fixed basically I could file ANOTHER complaint but would get nowhere and to basically just be happy that my computer was working!!!! Was was appalled! I have NEVER been treated so badly by a company or their representatives in my life! I was given information for WEEKS that was incorrect. They should (at the very least) inform thier customer service reps of issues so they can give their customers correct information."

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