Monday, April 18, 2005

Reviews for Toshiba Satellite� Notebook PC (A75-S211) at

"i bought this computer in october, it broke in december-- wouldn't boot. took it in for repairs on 12/29 and they determined it was the systems board. as of yesterday, it's still not fixed because the board is on backorder. they won't refund the money, replace the computer, or at the very least extend the warranty for the 2.5 months that it was sitting in the shop broken. also, each time i call they keep extending the date the boards will come in, first it was 2/8, then it was 2/16, now it's 2/24. come on, i'm getting the total runaround here. if this computer works, it's great, but if it breaks, well watch out. save yourself trouble and buy a different computer "

And now it's April...

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