Tuesday, February 01, 2005

and yet again

I got up and dressed this morning, and all the way to the interstate onramp before I gave in. How long is this coughing flu going to go on and I suppose it must be exacerbated by my asthma? They'll hate me at work. Thank goodness mine started at the beginning of a weekend, if I had to take 2 days off anyway! That keeps me nearly even with everybody else at least. Snarl.

On a better note: who knows what Verizon is doing, something, but their techs sure don't. I am now on Gmail and have set up easily viewable access to my other accounts (I now have two to taper off) from Firefox. This gets me out of Microsoft altogether, which Ted has been telling me to do, but now I have. If you send to the other addresses I should be able to see them and will respond via Gmail (thank you, THANK YOU, Karen!) I would forward Verizonmail to Gmail, but Verizon's mail forwarding feature is "temporariy unavailable".....

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