Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday evening

I was just thinking, I have been lying in (or on) bed now--with the exception of Wednesday, half of which I spent wishing I was--for 6 1/2 days! No wonder life looks glum. It's not glum; I am!

I watched the Brakhage documentary this afternoon and liked it very much. I hadn't seen the recent work, not anything after I was in art school in the early 80s after all (except the mock strips in the Whitney catalog.) I was taken aback at where he went, how so many of us went to the same places. I wish I knew more about his direct influences on others' work, including those of us who were/are not, or not primarily filmmakers. Of course, it's pervasive for all of us, but I mean direct influences. Some parallels seem positively unbelievable, but then the parallels to my own work sometimes seem uncanny and I hadn't seen the recent work at all. How odd it all is.

And those are the first thoughts I have had in a week, if I'm not mistaken.

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