Saturday, February 12, 2005

the weekend again

My first well weekend in three, woohoo!

Something has happened with Friefox (sic), I don't know what, but it suddenly reset itself and wiped out all my bookmarks and passwords and everything. So I'm building again from scratch. Forgive me if I haven't responded to something left on your page; I may not be able to find you easily.

I've been having difficulties with Semele, the notebook on which I spent most of this flu. Putting in the ipod was simultaneous to the trouble, although that seems to be working now. But Semele has amnesia. The desktop is still fine, but then I haven't been into the study in two weeks, just about, so lots of the stuff I've done is just...gone.

Ah well. Onward. Those still thinking I have a Juno address: I no longer do. To those with the verizon one, I still have that but it is a piece of junk and will not forward email ("still temporarily unavailable") so I don't check it often.

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