Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Astounding WTF?

I just received an email from my supervisor that amazes even me. She is glad I survived but reminds me that vacation time is supposed to be pre-approved, although she realizes that I hadn't planned this accident. WTF???? I wrote back reminding her that I had pre-approved the vacation time of at least a week and possibly longer, depending, and she'd said then to do whatever was best for me, but perhaps she'd forgotten. Tried to be as gentle as possible (give me strength!) but really--they just non-renew my contract AND "encourage" me to use my vacation before I go and then, when I ACTUALLY HAVE A CAR WRECK, she "gently" reproves me for not pre-approving it????

Sounds like she's not quite sure what she means, it must not have been a very good week there last week. Ah well, they'll have to get used to it sometime, after all, as I won't be there in six months. Since they really weren't sure what I did, I suppose it is confusing. But pre-approving this situation? After they've essentially insisted I get lost?? Gimme a break! I should've just taken the whole two weeks in the first place, when they were all anxious for me to, rather than leaving it open to extend if necessary--and now this, THIS is necessary! Unbelievable. But not really, I suppose; this actually is just another example of why I'm so glad I'm out of there.

To think that, when I assured her I did not intend to take all 6 weeks (actually, some 8.5, by December) she was all "you do whatever is best for you, I really mean that." Yeah, right. Guess the shit that hit the fan was somehow "unforeseen." (Pay no attention to the shit that hit my car...)

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