Sunday, July 03, 2005


You just know you’re WAY off base when you actually resent having to pay $100 for a Holiday Inn Express room in Chipley, Florida immediately after spinning out of control on Interstate 10 because a truck lost a tire tread and you had to do some racecar moves you didn’t know you knew to get up and down and back up the median on the right side of the highway pointed in the right direction all the while managing to stay upright, and then leaping from your car as soon as it came to a rest to wave to the rather stunned man still stopping to assist and/or identify the body, who has difficulty believing that anybody who’s spun around five times over 100 yards of highway divider swamp like that is not only merely mud-covered but actually upright and leaping AND has only lost two hubcaps and knocked the car out of alignment in the process; I mean, I could have stayed three, maybe four more days in New Orleans on what I may have to pay to stay here in sharkland over the 4th of July until somebody opens to fix me! (But truly, I’m fine.)

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