Thursday, July 28, 2005

i forgot to mention

that Ray seems to have apeared to Kaleb at 10:04 on Monday morning, the exact time at which he died. or something did: Kaleb asked gramma what that was by the window and she caught sight of the clock. Susan said it was the curtain, but Kaleb said no, there NEXT to the curtain. i'm just saying. Kaleb would have no idea what he was saying, being 2. Susan mentioned it to Chad, even, at the time, hours before they found out about Ray and what time he died.

well, I felt Nina visit me at the time of her death, although it was in thought, not in manifestation. perhaps Kaleb is too young to know the difference? who knows. who knows. they say there are many documentations of these moment of death things.

i will miss those bear hugs. how odd that I seem to be able almost to cry at this one when I wasn't for any of the others. perhaps Ray was far enough distant...

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