Sunday, July 24, 2005

I had a dream this morning

not a usual occurrence. What I remember is that I was waiting to meet Steph, who had somehow arranged to meet me at 7 at a shopping mall of sorts, but she wasn't there. I waited around and went upstairs and when I came back down the stairs she was standing outside the elevator saying where was I? I told her I had been there since 7 as she said and then we were in a restaurant of sorts, sitting opposite each other and drinking white wine, or at least I was. And he was standing beside me--the mature man, not the one I knew. I wasn't sure who he was, or else I wasn't sure if Steph knew him, so I didn't introduce him and after a few moments he reached down and poured some of his red wine into my glass, making it pink. I had been trying to remember the name of a show I'd seen (although I remember I called it a "conference") in the course of recounting my history to Steph, and he said something about stretching fabric and I said "that was it!" and he poured the contents of his wine glass into mine and made as if to leave. I said "are you trying to pour (your?) art knowledge (back?) into my head?" thereby acknowledging him (did I introduce him to Steph?) He crossed around behind her and sat down next to me, as one might do when taking off but pausing awhile, and we continued our conversation with him occasionally interjecting softly. He had grey hair and wore no glasses. Earlier (?) in the dream I had made up a book of pictures and aphorisms and non-sequitur articles and included something of his in it. He emailed me to comment on whatever question I had included in the piece. I think this was before his appearance at the restaurant--which I don't know was an appearance, he might have been with us all along since there was no continuity before it, but might have just shown up there, too.

I don't remember having dreamed of him before ever, since I don't remember my dreams much at all. I know I've never dreamed of him as we would be now, if here were alive.

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