Wednesday, August 03, 2005


my little slices of N'awlins are arriving all over the country, only one to go now. Some folks are putting pictures of them on their blogs--what fun to see how they landed! Bakerina referred to her pralines in a scrine. Everybody got different stuff. I like this idea; think I'll do it some more! :)

Meanwhile, there's still the unclaimed tshirt. I suppose I will have to take a picture of it and dispay it in a plain brown wrpper here. Poor tshirt, nobody dares:>


goliard said...

i believe that shirt belongs to me, miss e, perhaps we can meet halfway so's i could take it directly from your hands, eh?

...e... said...

why, you know? I do believe you are correct! Now how'd that happen?:) there's coffee too.

we don't even have to meet halfway, I'm adventurous, how far are you away from Tampa anyway?

g said...

see gmail!

Monday, Monday. dada dahdahdah dah. dada dahdahdah dah.