Thursday, August 18, 2005

10 sentence day

1. Woke up; hadda go in.
2. Spent 2 hours training my replacement.
3. Discovered that I have Deb's phone number wrong and can't get her, although I'm supposed to pick her up to go to Knitting Night tonight. Called the LYS to see if they could contact her and fix this.
4. Had lunch with Bea, finally assuaging my shrimp craving.
5. Got Deb.
6. Went to office meeting, where I was stripped of my remaining duties except for the most laborious one and the filing, in a futile attempt to humiliate me or at least make me less delighted with life than I am at present, dammit.
7. Drove back to Tampa at 5, stopping by the house to discover that my Cafepress sample order had arrived, with which I was most pleased.
8. Picked up Deb and drove to LYS.
9. Drove Deb home from LYS when it closed; spent time once I got home trying to pick up a stitch I had dropped.
10. Powered up Semele to read the mail and rearrange the Cafepress offerings.

I lead an exciting life.


goliard said...

ok, even if that last comment was spam, i think it's funny.

LYS, what the heck does that stand for? keep two blogs?

...e... said...

yeah, well, that last comment is gone now.

LYS is Local Yarn Store (although I have always said Little Yarn Store, no difference.)

Yeah, I keep several blogs. Defarge is the one for fiber arts, curently mostly knitting, and currently housing the Girly Girl Bags, until I decide on giving them a site of their own once I actually launch them into the world. Many of them are dormant at the moment, as I am dormant in those areas at the moment, but the links are in the sidebar for some of them.

mercuryfern said...

Only some? So you have secret mystery blogs, too? If I weren't at a really slow computer now I'd be tempted to try to stalk you. And hey, whats a girl gotta do to get on your diamond shaped blogroll?

...e... said...

I thought you already were! Sorry. I'll stick you on tonight, as soon as I get home. I read you daily, so you should get the credit, huh?

I have sub-blogs. Blogs within blogs. Oh, the places you'll go.