Wednesday, August 24, 2005

storm comin'

asthma day. i left about an hour early last night coughing my head off, got home by 5 to see on the news that Tropical Depression 12 is on its way. As of now it's maybe going to come from the east, cross over about Ft. Myers. But I am drowning nonetheless. Heretofore, I would have suffered through it, but since I've been encouraged to use my leave i feel no compunction whenever I feel ill to stay home as long as I feel that way. So we'll see if it passes with the morning, as it usually does, or stays the same and I'll have to be out the whole day. Gurgle.

i an contemplating refinancing the 2nd home equity (responsibly, not with one of those shyster ones, through my same credit union) because my property assessment went up (here in Tampa, not the port charlotte lot already reported) and I should probably keep the draw at par with it. That might ease some fears, I don't know. We shall see. I will have to clean this place up quite a bit to do it as it will have to be appraised again, although that will be free as a credit union perq. Perhaps I can do that Labor day weekend. We'll see. Sigh.

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