Saturday, August 13, 2005

it worked!

i don't know why I never believe things will take as long as doctors say. somehow it seems to me that when you go to the doctor it should be over, am i right? but no, 48+ hours. give or take. so, at three 3am i awoke with a pounding head, pounding directly the top of my skull, insistent enough to awaken its inhabitant, and stumbled into the bathroom (a cliche, but the only way to approach the room at 3am) to gobble both a heavy duty d-con and a pain reliever, simultaneously, hoping it would kill me now. it must have been the accompanying tall glass of water, but I awoke just before 8, flat in my bed--180 degrees flat, a position unimagined for months!-- amidst a tangle of damp sheets, pain-free! pain-free! with apologies to prof. derrida, wherever he is, I've been decongested!

and so today it will be socks! on two needles, I'm going to my LYS and spending the day making socks. i'd been saying I was going to wait until fall cometh but Snow has inspired me. the time is now. Socks! Pink socks! and exclamation points! pink exclamation points !!!

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