Tuesday, August 30, 2005

i need to stop reading

i need to stop reading other people's blogs right now. it's so clear that they have no clue what's going on here by the inapropriate cleverness of their writings, haha. It is just offensive. So I'm checking out except for posting updates for awhile. Thanks. all.


GraceD said...

e? Dear? Hey, it's Grace. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm overwhelmed with despair about this disaster and frustrated with my own clumsy attempts at writing blog entries. So, I just released the demons and wrote that post about not being able to write a post. Your remarks were most supportive and I should probably send you a check for psychiatric services. Unless you take Blue Shield; the co-payment is $25.00.

...e... said...

Oh, me too. I've completely lost my mind, which is why I hafta stop reading blogs. You were the only one who grokked to this situation that I found. Everyone else is making jokes. Jokes! Among my friends (blogfriends) I've barely been able to restrain letting loose, but I have, and a few are beginning to come around without my "help"-_and the lovely Bakerina was able to be articulate where I am not, thank god. But I blew away a general knit blog that said she hoped nobody lost a really great knit stash. Just blew them away and deleted the link.

So I've lost it. Thank god we've lost it together. I'm trying to find out how I can volunetter as I am on annual leave for the next two weeks, and no New Orleans to go to....but it will be a while unil that's even possible. Haven't logged in to WWL yet this morning, I'm expecting to see the city completely gone. Hey, keep in touch via email?

GraceD said...

Another unacknowledged comment, and I apologize I'm just now responding.

I, too have been dumbfounded with the apathy in too many blogs. Even the ever popular and famously self centered dooce was beside herself in grief over this tragedy.

Yes, let us console each other via email and comments.