Thursday, August 04, 2005

the yoruba lady

when I was in New Orleans a month ago, I encountered an young yoruba lady dressed all in red and set up at a card table under an awning in Jackson Square just as I was coming out of my restful pause in St Louis cathedral. She offered to read the cards and the bones for me. I only had enough money on me for the cards and so, after making sure she was benign, I said sure. All she read was quite good, and she didn't foresee the car accident a week away (but then it was really an accident avoided, so maybe that's why:) but she did say I would soon be receiving a blob of unexpected money. This was the least likely of the things she said since everybody to inherit from is already gone. It was a nice encounter, though.

Yesterday, a month after my spinout, I discovered that the lot in Port Charlotte, where the hurricane came in last year on the very weekend I had planned to go down to see it, which was worth just under $2,000 when I inherited it 12 years lot now lists for $65,000.


...e... said...

nope, I'm not selling.

goliard said...

good. i keep wondering, even if i did sell, could i afford to buy again? my credit ain't half what it was Then, when i bought. Plus my trees, goddammit. I've spent my entire life watching trees get cut out of the plans, I wanted this house that seems to be built around them.

...e... said...

i'm not selling my house either, I plan on living in it until I croak in about 50 years. this other piece of land referred to is in Port Charlotte and I would only sell it if I have to, otherwise it's my nestegg for retirement. It's good to know that if I had to sell it, I could pay off my house mortgages with it, though.

I have a complete jungle in my back yard, it's like a nature preserve, but it isn't one. vines weighing down the phone lines. it's only because I haven't had time to step out there since last year's hurricanes.....I should post a picture of that, huh?

goliard said...

absolutely, please. show me your swamp and i'll show you mine.)